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iOS 9 Support

Dank iOS 9 Support wieder top.


Super App, Danke


Einfach top!!!

Good app

Good app



Good app

Good app

Wont load

App doesnt work. Freezes on loading screen.

Good App

Great Idea

Great app

Great app

Misleading cancellation policy

If I could give no stars, I would, after being charged when I had called and canceled within the period specified as eligible for a refund. DO NOT BELIEVE THE STATED POLICY! Or if you do try to cancel using the phone number provided, document, document, document. I naively believed their hype, but have learned my lesson.

Don't trust it.

I carefully compared a selection of hotels With booking dot com and found that the price is absolutely still cheaper and trivago got them all in deferent higher price. So I’m deleting this jock app. Shame I think they spent a lot on marketing

الأبديت الأخير فاشل👎👎👎👎

اولاً عملي ابديت بدون ما اطلب..!!! والأبديت الأخير فاااااشل مايبين لي ارخص عرض للفندق👎👎👎👎

Bad app and big cheaters

Never trust the advertisements

Terrible experience

Instead of starting with the search you have to search for the search , interesting and time wasting

Feed back

Nice application easy and some how reliable with good options.


I stayed last week in DC at Washington Plaza. Disappointed with run down halls. Rooms were clean, swimming pool was foggy. Lots of swimmers over a two day period.

Bait and Switch

Consistently shows a SnapTravel hotel price, which SnapTravel also shows for several hours now, after many refreshes (so “prices are dynamic” is no excuse) but they will not honor. Too many games with this OTA. DO NOT USE!!!!!!

Never Again!

They booked a room for us and charged $270 to my debt card. We arrived at the Hotel to find that there wasn’t a room available after all. I checked my account and there were two charges for $270 each! We called Trivago. They said we’d get our money back in 7 to 10 days. We still haven’t gotten it. This is theft and I’m going to file a complaint about Trivago with our bank and/or lawyer. On top of that we had to deal with a non-English speaking person. I asked 6 times if I could speak to someone who spoke English. The women didn’t seem to understand me and completely ignored my request. I would strongly recommend against Trivago unless you like paying for a room you never stayed in. I gave them one star only because zero was not an option.




This app is awesome amazing cool very easy to use and not expensive at all very cool app

Not Reliable!

The rates and information for a large percentage of properties are incorrect frequently. I don’t even bother using the site anymore. Much better more accurate sites available.

Boycotting them due to Whoopi Goldberg’s

Not really happy with this app anyways and thanks to Whoopi Goldberg privilege crybaby attitude I will not be using them and deleting this app from my phone


Dude I just barely used this app and I am loving it love the hotels in Dubai planning to go there in the future


We have used Trivago in the past year. They have gotten us nice rooms with very good rates. I would try them first, because they are hard to beat.

Currency Problem

They do not show BDT (Bangladeshi Taka) :-(

Give terrbial locations

Fix your dudu app


Don’t install waste of space. It charged me $101.86 for a room that they didn’t even had. They whole hotel was full.

للاسف حصلت سعر في موقعكم ولما حولني ع Booking تدبل السعر ، فيها تلاعب

للاسف حصلت سعر في موقعكم ولما حولني ع Booking تدبل السعر ، فيها تلاعب


When will you update for iPhone X?

Cannot list favorites

Just downloaded and booked with no problem but cannot list my hotels . Tap the heart... nothing


Location searches are incredibly limited, its “distance from” filter limits only to 12.5 miles, its price range doesn’t even touch the lower priced hotels. Its touch interface is overresponsive.

Trying to cancel the reservation

I Called the number they provide to cancel my reservation Expedia clerk told me I couldn’t do it and I was going to get charge the 2 night anyways. He told me that was the hotel police. Well I end it up traveling and staying at the hotel since we were going to get charged but I went ahead and ask the front desk lady about their police and she told me that trivago is the one that will charge the two night if I would call the hotel directly and make reservation with them without getting trivago involved they will be able to canceled for me at no charge but since I did my reservation thru them They couldn’t help. 😵 I’m getting erasing the app after finishing this.. from now on I will call the hotel directly....

1 star

Not optimized for iPhone X



App could use an update

Simple enough to use until you put in filters. Then when you use the map the filters disappear and it shows you everything.

Just be polite

They are super fair to people who are not rude


The best app I’ve ever used!!! Very accurate 👍👍

Not reliable, unacceptable biz ethics

Stop Ads on MSNBC, app is unreliable, pics not accurate. Read other reviews. Not a good service

Don’t even think about it

They gave the hotel 24 hours to accept or decline. That hotel declined as we were driving to the airport. Thankful Priceline got us a room in five minutes. Really bad for last minute getaways


They say one price but when it redirects you it’s way wrong.

False information

Don't trust Trivago! They obviously don't make any effort to make sure the information they provide is even remotely true. When you're on the road, and need to find a place to rest for the night, use another app. This one is crap. The name and address were correct, but they put up pictures of a completely different hotel. They show rooms, bathrooms, and lobby completely renovated. They put language right up front that there have been no recent negative reviews for the property. Then they highlighted a bunch of reviews saying things like: "very clean and modern," " the hotel is only 1 year old," and "really nice and clean," but after we booked non-refundable, we arrived to a dirty, worn out hotel with broken furniture and creaky beds with springs barely contained by the thin sheets. The elevator was out & several of the fire doors were busted: super safe for our young family. The towels and wash cloths are falling apart, and "non-smoking room" apparently means they sprayed Febreeze, or more likely, some watered-down off brand air freshener.

Useless app

Too slow and very annoying ad person

Sometimes good sometimes not

I was placing a hotel order for a hotel in my area, and when i found what I wanted and I clicked on the listing, the listing gave me the amount and I placed the order... PROBLEM: when I go over my reservation, the hotel showed up in another state even though I ordered the correct listing for my area. I had to call the hotel directly and report the problem. And then I had to call Expedia because trivago gave me a listing by Expedia and so I had to get a refund for the reservation because it was in another state which I never requested. The app is NOT always reliable. Always double check your listing has the correct address, not only in the search listing but also at the time of payment.


Absolutely a rip off. Showed rooms with deep bathtubs so we booked only to find it was only a shower. Tried to cancel but would not refund. Calling CC company and reporting to BBB. Do not trust this scam

Nope, not a good app

So disappointed, high prices where I can find them cheaper on other apps & websites

Too expensive

It’s high price compared with other app

Doesn’t Support iPhone X

Does not support iPhone X screen layout


App doesn’t have Marriott Hotel on there listings

iPhone X Screen support

Update to new screen Trivago, come on One more time... One more time

Big savings!

We found a nice hotel for three nights for less money than a comparable hotel nearby for only two nights and much more money! Thank you for the bargain!


Idk y this app gets so much praise. Its horrible.

Was looking for a group vacation !

Nice app !

Awful app

They redirected me to a website that charged me $148, but no room available when I tried to check in. It wasted me 3 hours to get the refund back. That day was the only day that’s warm enough to the beach on my 4 days vacation in Miami!!!! No beach time at all!! Wasted my day!

Download & Save!!

I love it. It has helped me find 4 hotels over the past year for cheap!!

iPhone X

I’ll give you a 5 star review once the app is updated to support the iPhone X!

To expensive

This app show me extra 100$ more than other apps

So annoying

The time you claim that I will save by using this app, you waste more than 10 times with your silly, stupid and most boring commercial on TV So I promise you when I will need a hotel I will check all websites and app but your’s


Great App

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