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Awesome app

Great app for hotel price comparison

Great app



Doesnt work

I open it, and whatever I search, I get a "Ooopsss an error occurred...." message.

Great ap great deals!

The app pools all the travel sites like priceline and brings up the best prices! Works great!

Dont download this application!

When I opened this app, the app said that there was an error. Whatever I do the app said the same thing! Dont download it. But you can download the application: "Hotel". Hotel is a good app where you can search for good hotel without error:)

Wow badly made

One of the worse booking apps I have ever used. Locks up. Looks messy. Confusing. Poor graphics. Very frustrating. Dont understand their website is good. Look up rooms on their site. App is just bad.

Worst hotel app

Hardly has any hotels. Stick with Expedia... This app is garbage

Worst App Ever

This application is completely useless outside some Eurozone countries. A complete waste of time. Promised results were never delivered. Buggy and amateurish.

Love it

Really like the ability to check prices on various sites. Prices can range a lot. Found a great deal on a good hotel in Negril. Been to Negril a few times and Trivago lists a lot of them. Only problem is that some hotel names & pics arent correct, but corrects when you go to the booking site.

Easy to use!

Found it easy to use and accurate - very helpful on our road trip this summer! Kept checking to see where the deals were and thats where the car headed!

App works...when it want

Overall I can see this app being good and resourceful. Right now can search for a city at a time. Then take a hour break and try again.

Prices are wrong

Used it once to get an hotel in Montreal, app gives me a price and when I tapped to reserve, it was more expensive! :(

Total crap.

Maybe good for large centers but very poor search engine. Put it Hamburg PA and it only gives you hotels in Hamburg NY. So not the same. Fought with it for 30 minutes then gave up and went to another app.


its a really good hotel app

Thanks trivago

I downloaded this app as a yet and it instantly showed me every hotel room in my area and all the prices of them. I am defiantly keeping this app and using it when I travel from now on. Thanks triviago


Is it finally in English?!

what a waste of space

For ling time I didt download such useless app.What a waste of time!

2 searches, 2 crashes

Just doesnt work, and I dont know what "suchen" means on the search button... Useless app in its current version

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